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Pink Roses Meanings, Symbolism, History, and When to Gift Them.

What symbolism lies beneath pink rose meanings? You may be surprised to learn how giving pink roses as a gift speaks volumes. With varying shades of pink, pink rose meanings can differ, so choosing the right one to express the sentiments you want to share is essential.

Pink Roses Meanings, Symbolism, History

Pink roses have been around for ages. While they’re not uncommon, they’re a dainty and aromatic type of rose that delights everyone. The way they’re arranged and presented can send different messages as well. Knowing more about pink rose meanings and their symbolism can ensure you order the best arrangement to express your feelings properly!

There are so many shades of pink for roses. You’ll see them everywhere, especially in wedding flower arrangements or baby shower bouquets for a girl. You'll see them in corsages for prom and on a springtime table setting. Pink roses are delicate and feminine, which women love to have delivered to them.


Classic Pink Rose Meaning

Classic pink roses bouquets can express many things, too, with their shades. You can send them for joy or gratitude, love or admiration, and sympathy. They're not the number one choice for romance, though they express beauty and kindness, elegant and classy.

Classic Pink Rose Symbolism

With grace and beauty, classic pink roses give a room a welcoming and uplifting feeling. Classic pink roses can also uplift the mind and make you more efficient in a calmer, less stressed way, making them a subtle way to perk up everyone's mood at the office.

Of course, there are some exceptions to giving them romantically, but for the most part, classic pink roses are a sweet gesture that doesn't scream "I love you," as does a red rose.

Keep reading to learn more about why you may want to order an arrangement of classic pink roses to express your feelings to someone special.


Light Pink Rose Meanings

There is a difference in the shades of pink rose meanings. With light pink roses, you will express the following sentiments in the best possible way.

Femininity, purity, innocence. Light pink is often the color chosen for baby girls. As such, sending pale pink roses can express a feminine feeling of purity and innocence. Little wonder light pink roses are often selected for bridal bouquets, baby showers, or sweet sixteen birthday parties.

Gentle affection, platonic or first love. Yes, pink roses show affection, but in a more gentle way. There's more innocence behind the meaning of light pink roses. It's more platonic or new love, like the teenager, may experience. Because it's such a sweet hue, it can show admiration and affection without a deeper meaning.

Giving a single pink rose indicates first love, so prom dates often choose it. But giving a single light pink rose without thorns will express love at first sight, a nice romantic gesture without going overboard.

Sweetness, joy, and happiness. The symbolism behind light pink roses expresses sweet joy and happiness. You want to give these for happy occasions or display them during celebrations. A teenage daughter’s sweet sixteen, graduation, or accomplishments could easily be marked with such a beautiful bouquet of pink roses.

Elegance, grace, admiration. Light pink roses are elegant and graceful, making them the perfect way to show admiration for someone. Thanking a dear friend for being there for you during a difficult time or helping you land that new job is even easier with the delivery of fresh, pretty pink roses.

Youth, innocence, beauty. And yes, light pink roses are reminiscent of youth. That innocence and pure beauty that comes with a bouquet of these roses come alive. It's why it is chosen for girls' parties and makes a lovely gift for tween and teen girls after a recital or performance.


Deep Hot Pink Rose Meaning

Dark or hot pink roses are a nice gesture. However, it helps to know more about the symbolism here to send the right message.

Pride and deep gratitude . When someone has gone above and beyond to help you with something, perhaps kind-hearted neighbors that we're there for you in an emergency or a friend who stood by your side in your most troubled times, these dark pink roses are ideal; they say, "Thank you" without uttering a single word.

Dark Hot Pink Rose Symbolism

Naturally, you'll likely have that included on a card, but the color says it all… that you feel great pride and deep gratitude for what they have done to help you.

Recognition and appreciation. Dark pink roses are the best shout-out of recognition and appreciation for a well-done job. Thanking a teacher for all that hard work or showing a student to put in the effort, such as at graduation, is all made easier with pretty dark pink roses. Giving dark pink roses to moms, wives, mentors, aunts, and sisters is common to show appreciation.

Sympathy or condolences. While light pink may be a cheerful color, dark pink roses can be given to cheer someone who is grieving. It can make a beautiful arrangement to express sympathy or condolences, especially when the recently departed was a fan of pink.

Pink and Yellow Roses Bouquet

The Meaning of a Pink Rose When Combined With Other Color Roses

Pink roses can have special meanings when combined in an arrangement with other rose colors. Should you add a single pink rose to many red roses, this expresses happiness in a relationship and shows your love.

Pink and white roses together show a deep appreciation innocently and joyfully. This is ideal for someone young, perhaps as a thank you for doing something helpful like babysitting in a pinch or as an expression of congratulations for academic achievement.

Send pink and yellow roses in a bouquet to show something more congratulatory. The yellow represents joy and happiness, which makes for a lovely and cheerful bouquet that lets the recipient know you couldn’t be happier for them.

How Many Pink Roses Should You Give?

While pink roses are sent not often to signify romantic love, how many you send can speak volumes without saying a word. Giving one pink rose is often thought romantic, though, without any thorns, it conveys love at first sight.

Giving someone three pink roses can send the message of "I love you." But giving five pink roses can show caring to a friend in a platonic way. Add one more for six, and let that person know you'd like things to go to the next level between you two.

When you send ten roses, you signal perfection, while 12 roses is a way to say, "Be mine." And to send your whole heart, 24 roses is ideal, though remember that pink roses aren't always about romance.

You can send them for appreciation, gratitude, and celebrations. You can even send them to yourself to jazz up your home or office space with an uplifting vibe.

Pink rose history in mirror time

History of Pink Roses

Pink roses have been around for millions of years. Archaeologists found a fossilized pink rose that they believe was from 40 million years ago. There are pink rose drawings in ancient works too.

Many think pink roses grew out in the wild, and because they've been around so long, they're a classic floral gift. They're beheld as the original ancestors of all roses, and while they look and smell fragile, they're quite enduring.

In ancient Hebrew texts, pink roses were the only blossoms allowed inside Jerusalem. They were used to symbolize the journey.

Pink roses were mentioned in writings from the past and numerous works of art. In the olden days, a pink rose as a gift showed purity and selfless motivation to give the prettiest flower.

Appropriate Occasions: When to Give Pink Roses

When should you give pink roses? There are many occasions where presenting someone with these pretty pink roses is a beautiful idea and expresses the perfect meaning!

  • Anniversary: Are you looking for an anniversary bouquet for your wife or mother? Pink roses are an excellent and sweet way to show appreciation. There are certain traditions for milestone anniversaries, but she'll be delighted to receive pink roses on the other in-between anniversaries you celebrate together.
  • Graduation: Your beautiful daughter would love to receive pink roses on her graduation day. Whether she's graduating from kindergarten or college, it's a lovely way to mark an accomplishment!
  • Birthday: For her birthday, pink roses are always a delight. They're so feminine and dainty; they make for a unique birthday gift that will lift her spirits and make her feel special.
  • New Baby Girl: Sure, pink is always associated with girls, but to congratulate a loved one on the birth of their little girl, you can’t go wrong with pink roses. Send them to the hospital, and it will brighten up the room. Plus, she’ll happily take them home to display in the living room, dining room, kitchen, or entryway for a burst of sweet and refreshing color.
  • To say “Thank You” to show appreciation: Did someone do something sweet for you or help you through a hard time? Thank them with your whole heart with a bouquet of pink roses. This appreciative flower is an elegant and graceful way to show your appreciation.
  • Express sympathies : You can choose dark pink roses to send to someone who has suffered a loss. It can help brighten their mood and is a lovely way to commemorate someone after they have passed on.
  • Valentine’s Day: Send pink roses on Valentine's Day in a thoughtful and caring way to show some sweetness. It shows happiness and joy, a lovely expression to give when trying to make someone feel loved in a non-romantic way.
  • Mother’s Day: There's a reason pink roses are the most popular flower bouquet on Mother's Day. The extreme thanks and appreciation it expresses will undoubtedly be well-received by your mom, wife, sister, aunt, or even a dear friend who needs reminding of what a splendid mother they are.
Pink Roses Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about pink roses? You’ll find the answers here!

Q. What do pink roses mean in love?

A. Pink roses aren’t the first choice for deep love though they represent something innocent and fresh. For teens, choosing pink roses at the beginning of the relationship acknowledges something new, beautiful, and pure is about to bloom.

Q. Are pink roses romantic?

A. Pink roses can sweetly show admiration, joy, and appreciation. However, red roses are a far better way to show romance.

Q. Where did the pink rose originate?

A. Around 5,000 years ago, pink roses grew in China’s imperial rose gardens. This classic rose was the first color ever cultivated since growing in the wild.

Q. What does it mean when someone sends you pink roses?

A. If someone sends you pink roses, you can probably take them as a sweetness, gratitude, and joy symbol. Dark pink is more of a way to thank someone, while light pink is a gentler way to express joy.

Q. What do 12 pink roses mean?

A. Although pink roses aren't generally associated with romance, they want you to be theirs if someone sends you a bouquet of 12 pink roses. It's a sweet and joyful way to tell someone you want to take things to the next level.

Why Purchase Pink Roses?

There are many reasons to buy pink roses for someone special, from your mother to your wife or a treasured friend or romantic partner. Pink roses usually express joy and gratitude, depending on the shade of pink.

If you want to thank someone, show them you care, or congratulate them on a noteworthy accomplishment, sending pink roses will be a gift in which they will delight. Order a bouquet of pink roses today to spread joy to someone you love!


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