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Red Rose Flower Bouquet in a Box

Nothing says I love you like a stunning, long-lasting red rose flower arrangement from La Fleur De Luxe, symbolizing passion & love. Show your love with a unique long-lasting red rose bouquet, which can add beauty and elegance to any romantic occasion.


The roses are preserved at the peak of their natural beauty and freshness for up to a year or longer.


Customize every arrangement in your desired rose color and box style preferences.


Ship US-wide and schedule your delivery for any future date through calendar at checkout.

Are you thinking of giving a lasting red roses arrangement? They’re such stunning flowers that a unique bouquet will surely make a grand impression. But the meaning behind red roses is important to consider before giving them to someone. After all, you want your sentiment to be properly reflected. If you’re wondering what it means to give red roses and when you should give them, find answers to your questions!

Red Roses Arrangement FAQs

Red roses are the iconic symbol of love. They are for expressing passion, desire, romance, and true love. These are a popular choice for Valentine’s Day. They can be used in bridal bouquets and wedding arrangements too.

With varying shades of red in deeper hues, they can reflect commitment and passion to someone you cherish. But ultimately, if you want someone to know that you love them with every beat of your heart, red roses are the flower to give them!

When giving red roses in a black box arrangement, they should be given to your romantic partner or the person you are in love with. They represent passion and desire and, as such, are ideal for this kind of relationship.

Do it with red roses if you want to profess your love. They’re ideal for Valentine’s Day, a marriage proposal, to mark an anniversary you’re celebrating with your romantic partner, or simply to tell them you love them.

Ages ago, red rose petals were symbolic of the blood of the Lord. This stemmed from old writings about a red rose bush growing at Christ's death site. Some use these red roses at funerals even today, though mostly, they are used to express love and adoration for a romantic partner.

If you give someone a single red rose, it means love at first sight. Unless, of course, you’ve been together a long time, it will tell her that she is still the only one for you.

Giving 12 red roses declares a massive feeling of love and passion. It also includes perfect completeness as the number 12 represents the 12 months of the year.

Why Send a Red Rose Bouquet?

When you send a red rose bouquet, you say that you love that person with complete romantic passion and perfection. It is a great way to make a grand gesture for a new romance as well as wonderful in long-term relationships to let them know you love them deeply.

For Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, the birthday of your true love, marriage proposals, or even just because you want them to know you love them, give them a red rose bouquet to show them how deep your love runs!

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